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NYC: Chris Algieri & Performance Edge | THE CULINARY FIGHTER

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In this special edition (featuring Chris Algieri and Dr. Pietro Baio) the Culinary Fighter takes a closer look at what makes a fighter stay fit and healthy and steps you can take to make weight. There has been much questions concerning a fighter's diet and workout regiment, and how to stay active when you're not training. Dr. Pietro Baio of Performance Edge also goes over concussions in boxing and what you can do to prevent them.

Later on, Phil catches up with former WBO Boxing Champion Chris Algieri and learns everything about nutrition and importance of a boxers diet regiment. Chris shares his thoughts on why he has focused on nutrition diet, and what best food do fighters eat while you are training.

1:30 - Dr. Pietro Baio of Performance Edge on How to make weight before the fight
3:15 - Concussions and fighting, boxers who suffered from concussions
4:35 - How to make avocado toast with poached egg
7:15 - How to poach an egg in boiling water (cooking eggs tricks and tips) What food should fighters eat before and after a workout?
8:30 - Can a boxer drink alcohol (beer or wine) are fighters allowed to drink during training?
9:30 - How to take the perfect Instagram picture of food with Chris Algieri
10:00 - Chris Algieri next fight?

Download: Chris Algieri's Fighter Physique: Volume I

Visit Performance Edge
7112 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11234

The Culinary Fighter is a first of its kind culinary-meets-boxing series featuring world class boxers, promoters and trainers on what it's like to be at the top of their game. Join your host, Phil Lo Greco, as he takes you across the globe stuffing his face with some of the most influential names on YouTube and in boxing.

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